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Links to a Variety of Words, with Images, that are Mostly Derived from Latin and Greek Elements (roots, prefixes, and suffixes).

You may find Latin-Greek words that include images by going to the link indicated below by the Scribe.

Although emphasis is placed on words that are derived from Latin and Greek sources, some of the words presented in the illustrated studies are not from those classical languages; however, they are included because of their special etymological interests.

Image-Word Activities

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I’m here to explain that all of the Image-Word Sets with quizzes are available at a new website with significant revisions having been completed.

If you would like to continue with the many additional sets of images and words that are currently under construction, then you will find them by going to this quiz location and trying out the three available types of quizzes which will help you gain greater vocabulary knowledge.

A great deal of time, research, artistic presentations, and other internet investments are being made to provide you with the best on-line vocabulary program possible. Your Senior Scribe is striving to give you the convenience of learning on the web and of having access to the many rich resources that are available for your word experiences.

Hoping that you will take advantage of these quizzes,

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