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Latin-Greek cross references and word studies

From here you may connect to a FREE Latin-Greek Cross-Reference Search source of Latin-Greek-English elements.

Word searches include lists of manias, phobias, phile lists (love, fondness), medical terms, therapies, vorous and phagy lists (eating), theo (God-god words), metrology, sauro (lizards, dinosaurs), chemical elements, cryo words (freezing), feeling units (aesthesia [esthesia], patho, sensi), related vocabulary lists with definitions, prefixes, suffixes, roots, focusing on vocabulary origins (etymologies), scientific terminology (medical, natural sciences, etc.), mythology, self-scoring quizzes, related quotations, dictionary (lexicon) searches, and a multitude of other English words and lists derived from Latin and Greek elements that are useful for long-distance learning and for all logophiles, or logophiliacs, who have that special fondness for words and their origins.

Iktho English vocabulary words storyIktho story, a “Latin-Greek-English” story to challenge your knowledge of Latin-Greek elements and for learning.

The history of anesthesia and the way people once strived to subdue pain.

English-vocabulary quizzes

There are several self-scoring vocabulary quizzes which can be accessed by going to this quiz page.

Lists of oxymora/oxymorons

Introduction to Oxymora

Pleonasm lists or lists of redundancies

A List of Redundancies

Ancient Egyptian-scribe hieroglyph explained.    Scribe Hieroglyph , what it means

Links to other vocabulary words

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Latin Greek Cross References Words for a Modern Age book info.

Words for a Modern Age, A Cross Reference of Latin and Greek Combining Elements (English to Latin-Greek elements or Latin-Greek elements to English)

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Examine the links to words with images, explanations, and quizzes for a greater comprehension of English words that are derived from Latin, Greek, and a few other sources.

Experience the wonder of words as they are presented via an illustrated approach to a bigger and better vocabulary.

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Lists of Latin-Greek mottoes, proverbs, phrases, and specialized words are now available by going to this special Latin-Greek mottoes page. The contents of this search area include many of the common Latin and Greek words, phrases, proverbs, and mottoes; as well as, many “not-so-common” legal, medical, and historical terms and mottoes.

Flying Scarab Link for vocabulary words and Latin Greek references This ancient Egyptian hieroglyph, a flying scarab, will present a form so you can send comments or use comments@wordexplorations.info if you prefer.