Words for a Modern Age

A Cross Reference of Latin and Greek Combining Elements

A Special Publication for Logophiles (YOU?) and for Those Who Want a Handy Reference to Latin-Greek Elements Used in English Derivatives

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Words for a Modern Age book cover

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Following are sample entries from Words for a Modern Age. Note that there is an English entry which refers the reader to the Latin and/or Greek reference(s) and another entry showing the Latin or Greek source(s). So all of the Latin and Greek elements and words may be found from either the English sources or from the Latin or Greek sources in alphabetical order throughout the book.

hypno-, hypn- (Gk., sleep) Also see agryp-, coma1, dorm-, narco-, somni-, and sopor- for additional “sleep” words.

Qualifying words: ahypnia, ahypnosis, anhypnia, anhypnosis, archehypnotic, autohypnosis, autohypnotic, dyshypnia, euhypnia, hyperhypnosis, hypnagogic, hypnagogue, hypnalgia, hypnanalysis, hypnapagogic, hypnesthesia, hypneusia, hypnic, hypnoanalytic, hypnocatharsis, hypnochezia, hypnocinematograph, hypnocyst, hypnodontics, hypnogenesis, hypnogenic, hypnogenous, hypnogogic, hypnoid, hypnoidal, hypnolepsy, hypnologist, hypnology, hypnomogia, hypnonarcoanalysis, hypnonarcosis, hypnopathy, hypnopedia, hypnophobia, hypnophrenosis, hypnopomic, hypnopompic, Hypnos, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnotic, hypnotise, hypnotist, hypnotize, hypnotizer, hypnotoid, hypnotoxin, hypnudism, Hypnus, parahypnosis

fish    See ichthyo- and pisci- for examples.

ichthyo-, ichthy-, ichth- (Gk., fish)

Also see pisci- for additional “fish” words

Qualifying words: ichthic, ichthin, ichthism, ichthus, ichthyodont, ichthyofauna, ichthyographic, ichthyography, ichthyoid, ichthyolatrous, ichthyolatry, ichthyolite, ichthyologic, ichthyological, ichthyologically, ichthyologist, ichthyology, ichthyomancy, ichthyomantist, ichthyomorphic, ichthyomorphous, ichthyomorphs, ichthyoneuston, ichthyoneustont, ichthyophagia, ichthyophagi, ichthyophagist, ichthyophagous, ichthyophagus, ichthyophagy, ichthyophobia, ichthyoplankton, ichthyopterygia, ichtyornis, ichthyosarcotoxin, ichthyosaur, ichthyosauria, ichthysaurian, ichthyosaurous, ichthyosis, ichthyotoxicology, ichthyotoxin, ichthys, ichthysimus, ichthyosarcotoxism, palaeichthyology, paleichthyology, paleoichthyology

pisci-, pisc- (Gk., fish) Also see ichthyo- for other “fish” words.

Qualifying words: piscan, piscary, piscation, piscatology, piscatorial, piscator, piscatory, pisces (pl.), Pisces, piscicapturist, piscicolous, piscicultural, pisciculture, pisciculturist, piscide, piscifauna, Pisciform, pisciformis, piscina, piscine, piscinity, piscis (s.), Piscis Austrinus, piscivorous, piscivory

Words for a Modern Age also contains extensive appendices which include:

Animal and Bird Categories
Days of the Week
Hippocratic Oath
Mancy (Divination) Words
Metric Groups
Phobias with Phobia Words Defined
-Um Suffices
Group Names
Latin Words, Phrases, and Abbreviations

What others have written about Words for a Modern Age

  • Words for a Modern Age is a very important reference for every wordsmith. This book makes researching word elements fun.” -Dan Poynter, author, Santa Barbara, California

  • Words for a Modern Age is a very valuable guide for the word lover. Writers and scholars will find much enlightenment in the foundations of our language. I could swim in this book for hours!” -Carol Wright, book review in NAPRA Trade Journal, Eastsound, Washington

  • “It was a pleasure to see your elegant book and I wish I had it for my eleventh and twelfth grade students when I was teaching. Unless someone studies Latin and Greek, it is almost impossible to identify these roots and prefixes and their impact on our vocabulary today except when a book like yours is available to clarify these sources. I congratulate you! It is a gem.” - Marlette P. Sawyer, Retired English Teacher, New Castle, Delaware

  • “An informative, highly selective list of Greek and Latin word elements that form the basis of English words. All words and elements (Greek, Latin, and English) are arranged in alphabetical order. Its convenience, pleasing format, and ease of use make it appealing as a ready reference source for most public and academic libraries.” -CHOICE, American Library Association, reviewed by J.C. Jurgens, Northeastern Illinois University

    Sometimes it can be difficult to comprehend what is in the Latin-Greek Cross References on the Web because to find a section with definitions (when they are available), you must know what to ask the search to look for. With the book, you may “conveniently stroll” through for areas that are of interest to you and get a more complete presentation on the Web.

    For example, in the book there are over 600 phobias listed (without definitions); while on the Internet, you will find those phobias that are in the book (plus additions) WITH definitions.

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