Sample Quiz

Sample quiz for the feeling, sensation, perception group (Greek elements: aesth-, esth-, aesthe-, esthe-, aesthesio-, esthesio-, -aesthesia, -esthesia, -aesthetic, -esthetic, et al.)

Choose the answers which can correctly replace those shown in parenthesis or which match the definitions or statements in the questions. Choose just one answer for each of the ten questions. You will receive a score and, if you choose any incorrect answers, you will also be told which questions have the wrong responses (including those that were left unanswered).

  1. He doesn't accept, as (some who enjoy beauty) proclaim, that good music must include violins.
    (a) acrodysesthesiacs (b) arthresthesiacs (c) cryesthesiacs (d) anesthesiacs (e) esthetes

  2. The doctor’s examination determined that I have (normal sensory perceptions).
    (a) hypesthesia (b) hemianesthesia (c) euesthesia (d) hypocryesthesia (e) noseresthesia

  3. She was restricted to a wheelchair because of (the loss of any feeling of bodily motion).
    (a) algesthesia (b) anesthecinesia (c) kinesthesia (d) myesthesia (e) somatesthesia

  4. The artist was accused of being (void of any perception of good taste) when his paintings went on exhibition.
    (a) inesthetic (b) kinesthetic (c) postanesthetic (d) panesthetic (e) synesthetic

  5. Mary had no perception that the hairs on her arms or head were being touched.
    (a) zonesthesia (b) thigmesthesia (c) trichoesthesia (d) rhinesthesia (e) trichoanesthesia

  6. Having a general feeling of discomfort or illness.
    (a) caumesthesia (b) arthresthesia (c) cacesthesia (d) amyoesthesia (e) apallesthesia

  7. After his exposure to the cold for such a long time, he developed hypothermia and (loss of feeling cold).
    (a) cryesthesia (b) cryptesthesia (c) esthesioderma (d) garlesthesia (e) cryanesthesia

  8. A supersensory talent for seeing things that are not visible to people in general.
    (a) dysthermesthesia (b) cryptesthesia (c) aesthesia (d) acrodyaesthesia (e) acouesthesia

  9. Also known as “color hearing”.
    (a) coenesthesia (b) caumesthesia (c) chromesthesia (d) dysesthesia (e) oxyesthesia

  10. A feeling of heat (hot flash or flush?) even when the temperature is low.
    (a) chromesthesia (b) caumesthesia (c) cryanesthesia (d) esthesiogen (e) paresthesia

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