Bio Words, Quiz #4

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  1. The process of removing tissue from living patients for diagnostic examination.
    (a) bionomy (b) biopsy (c) bionecrosis (d) biomorph (e) biomimetics

  2. The science of measuring physical characteristics, to verify a person’s identity which includes voice recognition, iris and face scans, and fingerprint recognition.
    (a) biometeorology (b) biomechanics (c) biomass (d) biometrics (e) biomacromolecule

  3. The total weight of all living things in a given area, biotic community, species population, or habitat; a measure of total biotic productivity.
    (a) biomass (b) biomechanics (c) biomicroscopy (d) biomorph (e) bion

  4. The instinctual ability of some animals to return to a given site without the use of landmarks, as birds to their roosts or salmon to spawning streams.
    (a) biophagia (b) bionavigation (c) bionergy (d) bionomy (e) bionucleonics

  5. An organism that derives the nourishment for its existence from another living organism.
    (a) biophilia (b) biophotogenesis (c) biophyte (d) biopoesis (e) biophage

  6. A plant that feeds on other living organisms; a parasitic or predatory plant; or plants that get sustenance from living organisms.
    (a) bioplasm (b) biophylaxis (c) biophyte (d) biophotolysis (e) biophilous

  7. Thriving on other living organisms, often used specifically of plant parasites.
    (a) biophysics (b) biophilous (c) biopesticide (d) bionomy (e) bionecrosis

  8. Physiologic or normal death of cells or tissues as a result of changes associated with development, aging, or use.
    (a) biomorph (b) biomicroscopy (c) biometry (d) bionecrosis (e) biomorph

  9. Study of the effects of atmospheric conditions (weather) on living ortganisms.
    (a) biomechanics (b) biomanipulation (c) bionomy (d) bionavigation (e) biometeorology

  10. Life force; the force exercised in the living organism.
    (a) bionics (b) bionergy (c) biophagism (d) biophilism (e) biophotogenesis

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