Bio Words, Quiz #5

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  1. The study of poisons produced by living organisms, their cause, detection, and their effects, and of the treatment of those conditions produced by them.
    (a) biotrepy (b) biotics (c) biotoxicology (d) biothanatos (e) biotaxis

  2. A collective term for the total animal (fauna) and plant (flora) life of a region.
    (a) biospeleology (b) biota (c) biosomes (d) biosis (e) biosaline

  3. A biologically inherent cyclic variation or recurrence of an event or state, such as the sleep cycle, circadian rhythms, or periodic diseases.
    (a) biorheology (b) bioscience (c) bioseston (d) biosis (e) biorhythm

  4. The study of organisms whose natural habitat is wholly or partly subterranean.
    (a) biosphere (b) biostabilizer (c) biospeleology (d) biostasis (e) biostratigraphy

  5. The directed reaction of a motile organism towards (positive) or away from (negative) a biological stimulus.
    (a) biotelemetry (b) biotics (c) biotomy (d) biotaxis (e) biothanatos

  6. Treatment using biological agents, almost always those made by genetic engineering.
    (a) biotherapy (b) biothermal (c) biotelemetry (d) biotaxis (e) biosynthesis

  7. The study of animal and plant structure by dissection; vivisection.
    (a) biotope (b) biotrophy (c) biozone (d) biotoxicology (e) biotomy

  8. A reference to a parasite deriving nutrients from the tissues of a living host.
    (a) biotypology (b) biotron (c) biotrophy (d) biotoxicology (e) biotope

  9. Study of the behavior and activity of organisms using remote detection and transmission equipment
    (a) biothanatos (b) biothermal (c) biothesiometer (d) biotelemetry (e) biotope

  10. The regions of the earth’s crust and atmosphere that are occupied by living organisms; occasionally, the living organisms themselves.
    (a) biospecies (b) biosmosis (c) bioscience (d) biosatellite (e) biosphere

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