Iktho-Story Quiz #4

Choose the answer button in each numerical group that correctly matches the bold word indicated for the number. Choose just one answer for each presentation. When you have completed all of the choices, click on the “Calculate your score” button at the bottom of the quiz and you will receive the results of your efforts. If you choose any incorrect answers, you will be told which questions have the wrong responses (including those that were left unanswered, if any).

  1. The element arena means:
    (a) sports activity (b) sand, beach (c) athletics (d) boxing ring (e) competition

  2. The word ambulating means to be
    (a) carried (b) picked up (c) driven (d) walking (e) medically treated

  3. The element grand means
    (a) big, large (b) wonderful (c) superior (d) unusual (e) marvelous

  4. To Greek root tele means
    (a) close, nearby (b) communication (c) far, distance (d) rough (e) talking

  5. The element polis refers to
    (a) crime (b) help (c) subway trains (d) city (e) country

  6. The use of volving refers to
    (a) no movement (b) position (c) standing (d) a gun (e) twisting, turning

  7. The element cognito means
    (a) unknown (b) know (c) hidden (d) loose (e) original

  8. The use of macro refers to being
    (a) small, tiny (b) thin, slinder (c) large, big (d) obscure (e) known

  9. Words that contain hypo refer to
    (a) being under (b) standing (c) skin (d) needles (e) secrecy

  10. The element anthropo (pl) refers to
    (a) studying (b) investigating (c) science (d) animals (e) people, humans

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