Antonym-Synonym Quiz #1,
Sensory Words

Choose all of the answers that are either antonyms (A) of the main word, synonyms (S) of the main word, or neither (N) a synonym nor an antonym of the main word when you identify your choices in each numerical section.

Please note that there are two numerical groups for a total of twenty possible answers with each correct answer being worth five points for a possible total of 100 points.

You must be on line when you want your score to be calculated.

A = Antonym   S = Synonym  
N = Neither an antonym nor a synonym

  1. dissension

    A S N
      1. agreement
      2. misery
      3. strife
      4. disagreement 
      5. sorrowful
      6. concurrence
      7. discord
      8. pleasure
      9. cooperation
    10. dispute

  2. consensus

    A S N
    11. discord
    12. insensible
    13. agreement
    14. incompatibility 
    15. unanimity
    16. nonchalance
    17. accord
    18. indifferent
    19. harmony
    20. dissension

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