Multiple-Answer Diagnostic Quiz #4

Choose all of the answers that denote (indicate or directly signify) or which match the key Latin-Greek elements in the questions. Each number may have one or up to five “correct” answers; so don’t stop just because you have checked one answer.   Examine each number to see if one, two, or more answers designate the key element.

Remember: Don’t try to determine the meanings of the example words, just choose the current-English meanings of the roots, prefixes, or suffixes of the main unit in each numerical group.

Your final score will be calculated by the total number of correct answers and deductions will be made for any incorrect choices you make.

  1. manu-, as in manufacture or manual, means:
    (a) cheiro (b) produce (c) hand (d) make (e) labor

  2. chrono-, as in chronometer or anachronism, means:.
    (a) order (b) life (c) time (d) tempo (e) shine

  3. -soma or -some, as in psychosomatic or chromosome, means:
    (a) corpus (b) tongue (c) sleep (d) body (e) life

  4. grapho- or -graphy, as in graphology or biography, means:
    (a) book (b) write (c) compose (d) scribe (e) language

  5. hetero-, as in heteronym or heterotherapy, means:
    (a) different (b) same (c) both (d) unlike (e) dissimilar

  6. -crat or -cracy, as in democrat or bureaucracy, means:
    (a) reign (b) people (c) govern (d) group (e) rule by

  7. gamo- or -gamy, as in gamophobia or bigamy, means:
    (a) wife (b) two (c) wedlock (d) marriage (e) matrimony

  8. omni-, as in omnipotent or omniscience, means:
    (a) powerful (b) every (c) entire (d) total (e) all

  9. retro-, as in retrospection or retroflex, means:
    (a) backward (b) against (c) back (d) excess (e) previous

  10. frag-, as in fragment or fragile, means:
    (a) crack (b) explode (c) rupture (d) cut (e) break

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